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New Deals on Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 14, 2014
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Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands

Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands

For a limited time only, MODdisplays is offering a free banner stand light and free shipping on our Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands. Whether you’re looking to break into exhibiting or update your current system, there’s never been a better time to buy one of our most popular banner stands. This premium alternative to our Flash banner stand offers chrome-plated metal endcaps and feet and a telescoping pole.

The graphic is a durable solvent print on 13.5oz polyester vinyl that resists curling at the edges. Your graphic will never fade, even in direct sunlight, guaranteeing your print will be as vibrant as the day you bought it for the life of your stand. With multiple graphic sizes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the Flash Chrome!

For more information or to place your order, call 877.663.3976 or email

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10% Off Flash Chrome Banner Stands

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 01, 2013
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BSR-STY-FCRB-2TGet 10% off our Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands when you use the coupon code “FLASHSALE” between 08/01/13 and 08/15/13. This sleek new banner stand offers durable aluminum hardware with chrome plating, a telescoping pole, and a high quality graphic. As with all of our trade show exhibits, graphic design is included in the price. Visit our promotions page for more details, or call 877.663.3976.


BrandStand 1 Retractable Banner Stand

Posted by Andy Keeler on April 30, 2010
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The BrandStand 1 Retractable Banner Stand is our newest and most affordable banner stand. At only $199 (including hardware, graphic, and free graphic design), this system is perfect for exhibitors who have a tight marketing budget. The lightweight, slim design means that your company will save money on shipping for years to come.

The durable, lightweight hardware is available in black or silver, and the entire system packs neatly in a padded carry bag. The standard graphic size is 33.5″ wide by 80″ high, but options are available up to 47.2″ wide by 90″ high. If you’re looking for an extremely portable and durable way to display large scale graphics, look no further than the BrandStand 1.

If you have questions or need information about any of our products, feel free to call 877.663.3976 or email

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Standard Retractable Banner Stand

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 31, 2009
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Standard Retractable Banner StandThe Standard Retractable Banner Stand is now priced lower than ever before. These lightweight, durable, portable banner stands are now available for only $199. If you are looking for a display system that sets up in seconds and lasts for years, look no further.

Despite its lower price tag, MODdisplays has pledged to keep the same print quality we offer with the Orient and Imagine banner stands. Every Standard Retractable Banner Stand uses 12oz. vinyl with a 1200 DPI print. The hardware is made from high quality, light weight anodized aluminum that is specifically designed to protect your graphic for as long as you own your system.

Purchase three of these banner stands and place them side by side to create a wall of graphics that can be used as a 10ft display system. This unique solution has allowed exhibitors to create a full back wall for only $597, which has helped smaller companies move away from exhibiting in table top spaces into full-size floor booths.

If you have any questions about this exciting change, give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email Let us know what you think about this exciting new option!

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Expand Banner Stand Revamp

Posted by Andy Keeler on May 21, 2009
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Expand Banner StandsExpand banner stands such as the Quickscreen and Media Screen are well known worldwide as the best selling banner stands of all time. Their simple, clean design and their sturdy construction make them popular among exhibitors who are willing to pay a little bit extra for a lasting solution. Each banner stand comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing, and the graphics are printed on dye sublimated fabric that is guaranteed never to curl or fade.

MODdisplays is pleased to announce reduced prices on our entire line of Expand banner stands. The best selling banner stand of all time (Quickscreen) can now be purchased complete with high quality graphic and chrome accents for only $465. Expand Quickscreen 3, complete with replacable graphic cartridge, can now be purchased for only $495. Most of our Expand banner stands can be configured with colored hardware accents to add to the overall branding effect of your display. Each banner stand comes with a padded carry bag and free graphic design services, and we never charge hidden fees or setup costs.

If you have questions about any of our Expand products, call 877.663.3976 or email

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Fabric Banner Stand Graphics

Posted by Andy Keeler on May 04, 2009
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Banner Stand WallMODdisplays now offers dye sub fabric graphics on all banner stands. For only $100, upgrade your banner stand from the traditional vinyl graphic to a full color dye sub print. While the standard vinyl graphic will work well in almost every application, the dye sub fabric is washable, which makes it an especially attractive choice when combined with a banner stand that has removable graphics (such as the Imagine or Barracuda).

Like the standard vinyl option, the dye sub fabric graphic allows you to achieve vibrant, bold colors. There is no additional turnaround time or setup charges associated with upgrading your graphic to the dye sub fabric option, and all the graphic specifications remain the same. If you have any questions about upgrading to dye sub fabric graphics for your banner stands, please call 877.663.3976 or email

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Dash Literature Banner Stand

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 03, 2009
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Dash Literature Banner StandAre you having trouble distributing literature at trade shows? This may have something to do with the design of your literature, but more often than not exhibitors struggle with distribution because their literature is presented in an unattractive way. The Dash Literature Banner Stand combines traditional banner stands with literature stands to produce a unique and attractive alternative.

Each system has a large graphic banner with three literature pockets below. Each literature pocket can hold 8.5″ x 11″ brochures, and the banner graphic is 31.5″ wide x 44.5″ high. The graphic is placed under tension using a flexible aluminum pole.

If you have any questions about the Dash Literature Banner Stand or any of our other literature racks, please visit call 877.663.3976 or email

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Eco-1st Bamboo Retractable Banner Stand

Posted by Andy Keeler on December 10, 2008
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Bamboo Banner StandThe Eco-1st Bamboo Retractable Banner Stand is unique because of its lightweight bamboo construction and its microknit recycled fabric graphic. If you’re looking for an affordable, attractive banner stand that’s environmentally friendly, you’ve found it.

The graphics are printed using water-based inks, which is much better for the environment than solvent-based inks. The fabric that your image is printed on is made from recycled soda bottles. The hardware itself is made from durable, renewable bamboo. Every Eco-1st banner stand we sell has been designed and produced with the environment in mind. Whether you’re using the banner stand to promote your company’s green initiative or you’re genuinely committed to eco-friendly practices, this banner stand will suit your needs well.

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Using Banner Stands in High Traffic Areas

Posted by Andy Keeler on September 05, 2008
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Banner Stands in High Traffic AreasBanner stands work well in high traffic areas because the graphic area of the banner is enormous relative to the footprint of the banner. Using a number of banner stands in a row or in a staggered formation creates the illusion of a wall, which can be used for crowd control or simply as marketing space. Many companies have found that placing banner stands in airports, shopping malls, and other high traffic areas yields a good response from passing pedestrians, which should be the goal of any marketing program.

MODdisplays recommends using Expand Quickscreen 3 banner stands (see the picture in this post for an image of a pair of small Quickscreen 3 units) in high traffic areas because of their stability and large graphic area. Also, thanks to the graphic cartridge that comes standard in all Expand Quickscreen 3 banner stands, the banner stand graphic can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. These systems can be used in pedestrian environments in the same way billboards are used in automotive environments, so the ability to quickly change graphics is a plus for advertisers.

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Flat Banner Stand Shipping Case

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 31, 2008
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If you’re looking to ship multiple banner stands to a single location, the Flat Banner Stand Shipping Case is right for you. Unlike most banner stand shipping cases, this option uses a clam-shell style which allows for maximum storage capacity. Despite its lightweight construction, this case is extremely durable and resilient in shipping, so you can rest assured knowing that your banner stands will arrive in one piece.

banner shipping case

If you’re interested in purchasing a banner stand case, this system is currently available for same day shipment to anywhere in the United States or Canada. The price for the case is $215, and this price includes partitions for banner stands which will hold your systems in place.

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