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Landscaping in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 14, 2008
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Employees at MODdisplays are part of the community within Harrisonburg, Virginia. Our employees own houses in Harrisonburg, and they trust Fine Earth for their landscaping needs. Fine Earth is a locally owned and operated landscaping business that provides great service whether you’re looking or residential landscaping or commercial landscaping. If you’ve lived in Harrisonburg for any length of time, chances are good that you’ve seen Fine Earth landscaping trucks or signs in the area, and you’ve probably heard someone talk about the great work they do.

Fine Earth is uniquely equipped to handle any needs related to landscaping in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Whether you’re looking for stone pavers, hardscaping, or any work related to landscape design and maintenance, Fine Earth is the right company for you in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market

Posted by Andy Keeler on February 01, 2008
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Now is a great time to buy a house in Harrisonburg, despite what you might read in local newspapers. Over the past year, house values have actually risen 1% in Harrisonburg, but the common perception is that they have fallen by 10% – 20%. When the actual value of property is higher than the perceived value, this means that Harrisonburg housing is currently a good investment for potential buyers.

If you’re looking for a Harrisonburg realtor, you need to be careful to find one that understands the true state of the market at present. Many real estate agents in Virginia have generated a sense of fear and confusion through their marketing material that is counter-productive and often simply inaccurate. Real estate is a complex enterprise, and it is important to contract with someone who understands the situation fully.

The Virginia Real Estate Board is also a great place to find information about the current housing climate in Harrisonburg. Doing your research will help you make an informed choice when buying or selling your home.

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