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MODdisplays Releases New Line of Panel Tabletop Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on October 09, 2008
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MODdisplays is proud to announce the release of the Standard Panel Tabletop Display system. The simple design and affordable price of these tabletop displays makes them a great option for non-profit organizations or churches that are looking to make a big impact on a tight budget. Starting at only $129, these affordable trade show displays can be set up in a matter of seconds and accented with vibrant graphics. Visit for more details about this exciting new tabletop display.

Standard Panel Tabletop Displays come with black, blue, or burgundy fabric that is Velcro-receptive. Unlike many panel tabletop displays, the Standard is double-sided and double-hinged for added versatility and convenience. The market is saturated with expensive popup tabletop units and overpriced display boards, but the Standard Panel Tabletop proves that a stylish display does not have to cost a fortune.

Standard Panel Tabletop Display

“MODdisplays places a huge emphasis on value,” said Andy Keeler, President of MODdisplays. “This means getting the right exhibit for your company at a reasonable price. Exhibiting is inaccessible to many non-profit or charity organizations because of the high cost of purchasing a trade show booth with full graphics, but the Standard Panel Tabletop Display gives these groups a chance to look great without having to spend thousands of dollars.”

MODdisplays seems intent on becoming the premier provider of portable trade show exhibits, and the release of the Standard Panel Tabletop unit is one more step in the right direction for this exciting new company.

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Don’t Make This Mistake

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 30, 2008
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Huge MistakeThe woman on the left is making a huge mistake (aside from the poorly designed exhibit she is using). When you’re exhibiting with a table top display, you should never stand behind your exhibit. Doing so reflects a lack of understanding about how trade shows actually work. When you exhibit at a trade show, your display serves only as a reference point, and should not carry your entire message. Trade shows exist to allow business professionals with similar interests to get together and network, and you’ll never meet any new people standing behind your booth. My advice: Stand as close as you can to the aisle, and use your exhibit as a reference point only. This will drastically increase your visibility and will almost always result in a more successful event.

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The VBurst is a Popup that is Built to Last

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 12, 2008
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People often contact us about our popup displays concerned about durability since they have a rigorous show schedule.  They love the ease-of-use of popup displays but are concerned about the quality since they will be taking the display up and down often and be shipping it around a lot.  While the Standard Popups work great and are durable, the VBurst is going to be the best option where this is concerned.


The VBurst is built with durable reinforced aluminum tubing that locks into place with steel J-hooks.   However the best part of the display is the graphic which is printed in the dye sublimation process on durable polyknit fabric.  Not only do the graphics come out vibrant because of our high-end 8 color process print but the graphic itself is machine washable.  Yes, that means you can actually throw the graphic in a washer.  The graphic is also tear, fade, wrinkle and fire resistant.

The other great part is the graphic stays on the frame, so you simply set the display up in a matter of seconds.  The graphic is simply Velcro-ed to the frame so it is easy to take off the frame for easy graphic updates or cleaning.  The VBurst is available in all sizes, including the table top versions, and offers added accessories such as lights and cases.  And the VBurst collapses to less than half the size of a traditional popup for easy handling and cheaper shipping.

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Xpressions Tabletop Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 21, 2008
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Exhibitors always want to look great – even in small spaces. Xpressions tabletop displays are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their unique look. Unlike traditional popup displays with a simple graphic wall, Xpressions tabletop displays give your exhibit a three-dimensional look that quickly grabs the attention of passing visitors and attendees. Because the graphics are smaller and more affordable, changing them out for new graphics down the road is extremely easy, even on the tightest budgets.

Xpressions Tabletop Display Sample

In addition to their unique three-dimensional look, Xpressions tabletop displays can be set up in a matter of seconds. The graphics for the Xpressions displays stay on the frame (even when it is collapsed), so expanding the frame into place is the first and last step when setting up your trade show booth for the show. Once the frame is in place, you’re ready to make a big impact in your small space.

If you have questions about our Xpressions tabletop displays, please give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email

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New Addition: Table Runners

Posted by Andy Keeler on June 16, 2008
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If you’re unsure of what size table you will be exhibiting with at your next trade show, but you want to add a logo to the table, why not try one of our table runners? We offer a 24″ table runner and a 30″ wide table runner, and each can be printed with your logo to maximize your branding efforts.

table runners by MODdisplays

Every table runner we sell can be turned around in as little as one day, so don’t panic if you need something in a hurry. We also sell a wide variety of table covers for trade shows, including sleek, modern table covers.

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Small Space, Small Budget, BIG Impact

Posted by Andy Keeler on May 08, 2008
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It’s easy to get caught up in the world of corporate exhibiting and forget about the little guy, but that’s not what we’re about at MODdisplays. The vast majority of small businesses with exhibiting budgets choose to show off their products and services at small, local trade shows rather than expensive national conventions. The reality is that most businesses operate on the local level, which limits their target market to small chamber of commerce shows and local conventions. So what can you do to make the biggest impact on a tight budget in a small exhibiting space?

trade show table

 In order to make the most of your exhibiting budget, we recommend focusing your efforts on high-impact graphics. Because we offer free graphic design at MODdisplays, creating powerful images won’t cost you a cent, no matter what size trade show display you purchase. Our experienced graphic designers have created countless table top displays and banner stands, and they understand what is needed to make your exhibiting experience a success.  Free graphic design is a great place to start if you’re looking to make a big impact.

Because local trade shows target the same audiences year after year, you are likely to run into the same visitors and attendees repeatedly. Changing up your graphics and revamping your display occasionally will help keep your content fresh, which will encourage visitors to take a second look at your trade show booth display.

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Showstyle and Showmax Table Top Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on April 25, 2008
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Showstyle table top displays have been a powerful marketing tool in the portable trade show industry for years. The unique “briefcase” style design and attractive graphic panels have made this system popular among exhibitors who want to make a big impression within a small space. It’s larger cousin, the Showmax table top display, allows you to get even more value within the same style because of the larger area for trade show graphics.

These unique panel tabletop displays offer a lot of protection for your graphics thanks to the extremely durable outer shell. Every Showstyle table top display we offer is made from the same crush-resistant plastic that we make our trade show cases from, which means you could probably get away with shipping your Showstyle display on its own without a box for protection. Typically though, our briefcase style tabletop displays are shipped in durable, branded cardboard boxes.

Showstyle and Showmax tabletop displays are great for non-profit organizations who are planning to exhibit at small, local trade shows. The low price tag and low cost of ownership are attractive features for a budget conscious buyer. When you purchase a Showstyle or Showmax, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and style to get a display that is affordable and durable.  In addition, purchasing any Showstyle or Showmax display qualifies your company for our free graphic design service.

If you have any questions about the table top displays we offer, please give us a call toll free at 1.877.663.3976 or email us at

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So What Do I Do With My Trade Show Table?

When exhibiting in smaller spaces, such as ten by tens or smaller, tables are usually provided by the show coordinators. These folding tables can be a great addition to your exhibit or your worst enemy, without you even realizing it. Look at your situation carefully and make wise exhibiting decisions.

If you are exhibiting with a table top display, clearly the table offers the ideal place to put your display and literature. The table then offers you a great place to add a large identifying company logo and slogans. Think ahead and look into purchasing a custom table cover with your company logo on it. And since they start under $200 with a logo, you are getting your company identity in the eyes of countless potential clients for a really low cost.

The table becomes the enemy of the exhibitor when you put the table right in the front of your booth space and stand behind it. Even if you have the custom cover, the placement of the table and your sales staff is basically saying to potential customers, “ya, we know who we are but don’t talk to us.” It sounds funny, but it is true. It is the same as a neighbor putting up a fence in their front yard. No matter how nice the fence is or how nice the neighbor, the message is the same, don’t step onto my space; and when you are at a show that is exactly what you want people to do.

We could go on to express every possible scenario of using the table and whether that set up is a good use or not, but the principles are the same. Ask yourself what message you are expressing to the attendees of the show and do you look professional. And don’t be afraid to come to the conclusion that you don’t want to use the table at all; fold it up and give it to the show personnel or stick it behind your booth. When in doubt, feel free to contact us and run your idea by our experienced sales staff.

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Trade Show Table Covers

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 21, 2008
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Table covers are a great way to accent your table top display without adding much cost to your system. You can get a 6ft table cover with logo from MODdisplays for as little as $195, and a simple tension table cover for as little as $359. These are great products, and many of them can be turned around within a single business day. We understand that your company works on tight deadlines, and we work hard to meet those deadlines with quality work and great products.

If you do not have a table cover for your next trade show, you may be left with the stock show table, which is usually very unattractive. If you allow the show coordinators to determine such a key part of your look, you have allowed them to determine your entire look. We offer a wide variety of table covers that vary in size, and you can print your image on many of our table cover options at no added cost.

For more information about our table covers, or to find out which ones qualify for our lightning fast turnaround times, dial 1.877.663.3976 or contact MODdisplays.

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Panel Table Top Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 12, 2008
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MODdisplays released a new line of panel table top displays called the “Hero” line, which is aimed at helping exhibitors on tight budgets who are attending small trade shows. We searched high and low for a quality table top display that we could stand behind, and the Hero system stood out as the best on the market, which is why we picked it for our website. We work hard to find high quality products that are well designed with a low cost of ownership, and the Hero table top display meets exactly that need.

Panel Table Top Display

The hinges on this system can flex in both directions, making it a far superior product to the displays that can only bend in one direction. This allows the exhibitor a great deal of flexibility with how the display is set up and used, which is a big advantage when you need a versatile solution. The Hero is also available in a number of different fabric colors (many table top panel systems only come in blue, black and gray, but the Hero has over ten colors to choose from).

If you’re interested in purchasing a Hero table top display, please give us a call at 877.663.3976 and we will be happy to talk you through the process. We even provide customized renderings so you can test your graphics on the display (for free!) before you purchase the exhibit. If you’re looking for a value table top display, look no further than the Hero.

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