Recent Trade Show Graphic Design – Ultra Portable Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 09, 2013
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Waveline 10ft Curved Standroid Kit

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 07, 2013
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Waveline Booth

Waveline trade show displays have been performing at the top of their class for years. The lightweight, simple design and high impact fabric graphics have been a favorite of trade show marketing professionals, but the ability to exhibit with multimedia has taken Waveline to the next level. The Waveline 10ft Curved Standroid Kit offers the easy set up and affordable price tag you’ve come to expect, with the functionality and presence of a purpose-built trade show exhibit.

The back wall of the display is 117″ wide, 88″ tall, and 18.5″ deep, yet weighs just 20lbs. The shipping case converts to a functional counter with a fully printed fabric graphic wrap. The Standroid Plasma Stand comes with graphics of its own, including a large header, and can hold a monitor up to 52″, giving you plenty of room to showcase your products and services. Check out the Standroid video below for more information:

For more information, feel free to call 877.663.3976 or email

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Introducing XVline Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 02, 2013
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XVline Trade Show BoothWe at MODdisplays are excited to announce our newest line of portable, modular trade show displays. XVline displays combine a clean, modern design with a unique ability to adapt to the needs of any exhibitor. Like many of our other modular exhibits, XVline offers literature holders, product shelves, monitor mounts, iPad and tablet stands, slat wall, and counters, but XVline also offers many variations in the overall structure of the display to further emphasize your company’s brand.

A sense of depth and a well designed space is crucial to the success of any trade show booth, and MODdisplays offers a variety of ready made kits in an attempt to meet the most common challenges our customers face. As with any line of displays we offer, free custom renderings are included to help you model the look and feel of your exhibit around your company’s image. Many of our clients feel that offering stocked components (for faster turnaround, manageable shipping and transportation, lower prices, and proven performance) in conjunction with virtually limitless customization options (to make sure you get exactly what you need for your show) is a perfect compromise. At MODdisplays, we believe you can get a custom trade show exhibit without reinventing the wheel.

Graphic design is always included in the price of your booth, so call 877.663.3976 or email today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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10% Off Flash Chrome Banner Stands

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 01, 2013
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BSR-STY-FCRB-2TGet 10% off our Flash Chrome Retractable Banner Stands when you use the coupon code “FLASHSALE” between 08/01/13 and 08/15/13. This sleek new banner stand offers durable aluminum hardware with chrome plating, a telescoping pole, and a high quality graphic. As with all of our trade show exhibits, graphic design is included in the price. Visit our promotions page for more details, or call 877.663.3976.


Waveline 10ft Curved Kit Video

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 30, 2013
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iPad and Tablet Stands

XV-acc-ipad-C1-2TIf you’re looking for a sleek, modern iPad stand for trade shows, look no further than MODdisplays. Tablets are quickly becoming the most popular electronic devices in use at trade shows. Exhibitors are using them to track leads, showcase products and services, and make the experience more interactive for attendees. MODdisplays offers a number of iPad and tablet stands that allow you to meet potential clients where they are. Whether you want to use your tablet as an extra salesperson that never gets tired, or integrate it as a passive display for catalogs or videos, we have a solution that will work for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call 877.663.3976 for more information.

Modular Island 20′ x 20′ Exhibits

In keeping with our efforts to improve our selection of 20′ x 20′ trade show exhibits, MODdisplays is proud to release our new modular exhibit packages. These fully customizable systems can be designed to fit the needs of any exhibitor, but they are still made from stocked booth components to ensure quick turnaround and easy assembly. As with our basic 20′ x 20′ packages, we designed spaces that make sense and considered a wide range of functionality without sacrificing aesthetically. Our modular exhibits can accommodate common needs such as lockable storage, large monitor displays, conference rooms, meeting spaces, demo kiosks, and much more.

Every package we sell comes complete the exhibit components shown in the photos, including hanging signs, graphics, counters, lighting, monitor mounts, literature holders, and product shelves. Included but not pictured are shipping case(s) as needed, graphic design from our experienced team, and free custom renderings to help you figure out which layout works best for the needs of your company. In an effort to simplify the process of buying a trade show display, we have done our best to cut out all the headaches and provide economical solutions that meet our clients needs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 877.663.3976 or email

Basic 20 x 20 Trade Show Exhibits Available

Posted by Andy Keeler on February 07, 2012
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MODdisplays has recently developed a line of basic 20 x 20 trade show displays that are as lightweight and portable as our 10 x 10 exhibits. By reconfiguring flexible components, we are helping to make exhibiting in large spaces a viable option for small companies. These systems give your space the feel of an environment rather than a stodgy trade show booth space, and they start for under $9,000.

MODdisplays carefully designed each package to have a good balance of light, open space, comfort, and graphic presence all while keeping price low, but we understand that every client has specific needs. We offer free custom renderings (with quotes) and free graphic design with the purchase of any trade show display. Our experienced staff will take you through the process of purchasing and designing your exhibit in a simplified, straightforward way. We can tailor your 20 x 20 booth to meet whatever exhibiting challenges your company faces.

If you have any questions about our new 20 x 20 booths, give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email for more information.


Xpress Yourself!

Xpressions Displays

Free Shipping on Your Entire Order When You Spend $2,500 or More!

In an effort to further simplify the process of designing and purchasing trade show exhibits, MODdisplays now offers free shipping on all orders of $2,500 or more. We are only extending this offer to our customers for a limited time, so jump on this offer now for big savings. Use coupon code MARCH2011 when placing your order online or contact one of our experienced sales representatives at 877.663.3976.