Alumalite Lineare with Slatwall

Alumalite Lineare with SlatwallWe recently announced the release of Alumalite Lineare, the newest portable hybrid display to hit the market. We are very excited about this new product because we believe that the sleek, modern design will complement our existing product line-up without detracting from our simple approach. But Alumalite Lineare isn’t just the next pretty face in the portable trade show display industry. This new system offers a number of previously unavailable features, one of which is the option to add a slatwall panel to the back wall of the display.

The Alumalite Lineare with Slatwall offers exhibitors a host of new opportunities for displaying products and promotional items. With slatwall in place, it’s easy to add hooks, shelving, hangrails, and much more. If you’re looking to display a number of small, packaged products, slatwall is the perfect way to create the feel of a point of purchase display with the look of a trade show booth.

If you elect to have one or both of your side panels be slatwall, you will have the choice of six laminate options, which are black, designer white, amber maple, pearwood, platinum, and brushed aluminum. These laminate options will give your slatwall a finished look that will blend in well with the color scheme of your trade show exhibit.

If you have any questions about Alumalite Lineare or any other trade show products we offer, please feel free to call 877.MOD.EXPO, or email

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MODdisplays Releases Alumalite Lineare Displays

Alumalite Lineare DisplaysMODdisplays is proud to announce the release of Alumalite Lineare exhibits. This unique system will compliment our already successful line of classic Alumalite displays. Every Lineare system we sell comes complete with a hinged, backlit header system and reflector panels to create a powerful graphic presence on the top of your booth. Instead of using feet (like the classic Alumalite displays), the Lineare uses returns on both ends of the exhibit for a more finished look.

In addition to traditional Alumalite accessories (such as monitor mounts, literature holders, and product shelves), there are a number of new accessories available with the Lineare system. The counter systems have been completely redesigned for a more sleek look and easier packaging, and the side panels can be customized with slatwall, which is perfect for hanging products or promotional items.

The basic structure of the Lineare exhibit system ships in two rotomolded, wheeled cases that are 51″w x 35″l x 15″h and weigh 150lbs. The entire system can be set up using only the tools provided, which means your company can save a lot of money on labor at your next event without sacrificing the look of a unique, custom trade show booth.

If you have questions about the Alumalite Lineare, please contact our helpful staff at 877.663.3976 or email

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Free Alumalite Canopy Upgrade

Alumalite Wave Exhibit with Colored CanopyFor a limited time only, you can pick between 26 canopy colors to further customize your Alumalite display. Despite the wide variety of color choices, there is no additional charge, and MODdisplays will still ship your exhibit in only five business days. This special limited time offer applies to our Alumalite Wave displays, Arch displays, and Straight displays, which allows our clients to have the widest selection available.

Supported by durable aluminum extrusions, the Alumalite canopy is constructed from aluminum tubing covered in a flexible, stretchy fabric.¬† This fabric can be one of 26 colors at no additional charge to you, and we guarantee that you’ll find a color that matches your branding package.

Alumalite trade show exhibits are making a big splash in the portable trade show display industry because of their unique design and easy setup, and the addition of free colored canopies will only serve to help these systems stand out from the crowd. Unlike standard popup displays, these systems can hold a number of accessories including monitor mounts, literature shelves, product shelves, counters, and customizable exhibit lighting.

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Alumalite Display Accessories

Posted by Andy Keeler on September 11, 2008
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Alumalite displays are one of the most popular exhibits on the market today, and MODdisplays offers the widest range of stocked accessories for this system. The structure of Alumalite displays is made from lightweight, durable, and versatile aluminum extrusions, which allows you to add accessories even after the display has been set up. It is now possible to purchase many Alumalite accessories a la carte from our online store. Here are just a few examples of the Alumalite accessories you can purchase:

If you have any questions or need help with ordering your Alumalite accessories, give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email

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Free 19″ Monitor with Alumalite Display Purchase

Throughout the month of August, MODdisplays will be giving away a free 19″ monitor with the purchase of any Alumalite Display with monitor mount. Modern, hybrid trade show exhibits like the Alumalite are becoming more and more popular as exhibitors become increasingly aware of the impact multimedia can have on their trade show marketing program. MODdisplays rendering department is constantly producing new Alumalite designs in an effort to further distance our company from its competition:

Alumalite 20ft Display

Alumalite exhibits are very configurable, and have a distinguished, custom-looking appearance that sets them apart. Visitors and attendees will get the impression that you’ve spent a fortune with a custom exhibit house, but you’ll know you’ve spent a fraction of that cost with MODdisplays. Alumalite booths are also extremely portable, which will cut down on the cost of shipping and drayage.

To take advantage of this special offer, give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email

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Alumalite Wave Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 03, 2008
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Effective exhibiting begins with a high-impact trade show display, and the Alumalite Wave Display is exactly that. The unique wave canopy sets this exhibit apart from other hybrid exhibits on the market, which will help your company stand out at your next event. The design of the Alumalite Wave Display is simple and appealing, which gives your company a professional and modern feel. Check out an example of this exhibit below:

Alumalite Wave Display

These trade show booths can be configured with a number of optional accessories. The structure of the Alumalite Wave Display is able to support monitor mounts, locking counter systems (fixed and free-standing), product shelves, and literature holders, which means you won’t need to purchase these accessories separately and hope that they work with your display. Alumalite is a fully functional and packaged solution that can handle the needs of even the most demanding exhibitor.

We’re giving away a free 19″ monitor (as of July 2008) every time we sell an Alumalite display with a monitor mount attachment. This free promotion won’t last, so get your Alumalite Wave Display today to ensure that you receive your free monitor! To place an order, you can visit the Alumalite section of our website here, or give us a call at 877.663.3976 for more details.

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Alumalite Trade Show Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on September 19, 2007
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The Alumalite trade show display is the newest hybrid display system on the market. The portable trade show display industry has been slowly moving away from the use of popup displays and moving toward the use of inexpensive, modular hybrid displays. The Alumalite is a well designed package that is guaranteed to please exhibitors with its functionality as well as its aesthetic quality.

The Alumalite is a simple back wall display with many optional accessories. Monitor mounts, counter systems, and literature holders are just a few of the optional add-ons that Alumalite offers. The ability to add components after the display has been set up is a feature that gives your trade show exhibit more flexibility, which allows your trade show booth display to grow as your company grows.

The frame of the display is made from durable aluminum extrusions, and the graphic is made from a dye sublimated fabric. The simplicity and functionality of this trade show display have made it a favorite among exhibit shoppers in recent months.

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