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Eco-1st Bamboo Retractable Banner Stand

Posted by Andy Keeler on December 10, 2008
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Bamboo Banner StandThe Eco-1st Bamboo Retractable Banner Stand is unique because of its lightweight bamboo construction and its microknit recycled fabric graphic. If you’re looking for an affordable, attractive banner stand that’s environmentally friendly, you’ve found it.

The graphics are printed using water-based inks, which is much better for the environment than solvent-based inks. The fabric that your image is printed on is made from recycled soda bottles. The hardware itself is made from durable, renewable bamboo. Every Eco-1st banner stand we sell has been designed and produced with the environment in mind. Whether you’re using the banner stand to promote your company’s green initiative or you’re genuinely committed to eco-friendly practices, this banner stand will suit your needs well.

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Lighter is Better

Purchasing a lightweight, portable exhibit can save your company thousands each year in shipping and drayage. With trade show marketing budgets tightening across the nation, cutting costs in shipping is a great way for exhibitors to save money without sacrificing their look. When you ship your trade show booth via UPS or FedEx, your charges are determined by size and weight (larger and heavier will cost more money to ship).

At MODdisplays, every trade show display we sell includes a proper shipping case that can be shipped via UPS or FedEx. Many of our cases are designed to fit just underneath UPS/FedEx dimensional weight restrictions, which allows you to ship the most material possible without facing additional charges due to the size of your package. In addition to saving our customers money, this saves our carriers money and makes their life easier, which is an important factor in securing extra discounts with UPS and FedEx.

In addition to the cost savings, purchasing a lightweight trade show booth is good for the environment. Lightweight, portable exhibits are just one more way companies have found to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.

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MODdisplays Further Expands Green Offerings

Posted by Andy Keeler on June 09, 2008
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In a continuing effort to offer businesses the best selection of green exhibiting products, MODdisplays reported improvements to its most popular product lines. Without raising costs for end users, MODdisplays has systematically revamped its trade show display products to give businesses more eco-friendly choices. MODdisplays can be found online at http://www.moddisplays.com.

There is much debate in the portable trade show display industry about what exactly it is that makes an exhibit qualify as an “environmentally friendly” solution. Ignoring the incessant bantering, MODdisplays has taken action to transform its entire exhibit line into sustainable, earth-friendly products that businesses can purchase with confidence.

“We don’t want to get caught up in the debate about green exhibiting,” said Andy Keeler, President of MODdisplays. “That is not to say that we wouldn’t exceed any set of standards that is agreed upon by the exhibiting community, but we believe that there are some simple things we can do now to make a really big impact such as reducing our own carbon footprint, building trade show displays from recycled and recyclable materials, and improving printing technologies to reduce emissions.”

Business owners and employees with purchasing power are increasingly interested in trade show booths that fit with the eco-friendly profile of their company. As companies around the world move toward respectable environmental practices, the demand for green exhibits will rise dramatically. Taking the steps now to improve our trade show exhibit offerings continually has ensured that MODdisplays will be way ahead of the competition as these practices take root in the business psyche.

Environmentally friendly trade show displays have many advantages for business owners as opposed to standard trade show booths. In addition to supporting the health of the environment, purchasing an eco-friendly trade show exhibit can be a great marketing tool. Hewlett Packard recently gained national exposure with the construction of their enormous “green” exhibiting system, helping the computer company highlight its tech recycling efforts.


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