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Advantages of Waveline Displays

WavelineWaveline displays are the most exciting trade show exhibit system to hit the market in a long time. Although they look a lot like popup displays, Waveline booths offer a lot more value for a much lower price. We are excited about the customer feedback we have received so far, and we believe that these displays will help exhibitors make the most of their trade show marketing budget. We are proud to offer a system that offers a number of advantages over traditional trade show displays, such as…

1- Waveline displays are the most affordable 10ft displays available. Purchasing an entire 10ft display with complete graphics for $845 was unheard of until now. Since Waveline units cost less than many tabletop displays, exhibitors are able to move up to bigger and more exciting venues and do more with their marketing budget.

2- The graphics for Waveline displays are produced using the latest technology in large format printing. Every Waveline display is produced using a process called dye sublimation. This process creates a durable, machine-washable fabric graphic that is guaranteed never to wrinkle or fade for as long as you own your exhibit. Dye sublimation graphics are simply better than the graphics you would receive with a traditional popup display.

3-  Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Assembling a Waveline display is very easy. The frame of the display is made from lightweight aluminum tubing that is shock-corded together for easy assembly, and the fabric graphic fits over the frame like a pillow case to create a smooth, curved wall. A sales person working alone could put together then entire exhibit with no stress at all.

As with all of our trade show displays, MODdisplays provides detailed graphic templates that make designing your exhibit a breeze, or you can let us design your exhibit for you at no charge. Every Waveline display comes with detailed setup instructions that are easy to follow, and those can be found on our website as well. If you have any doubts that this is the most exciting new trade show booth to hit the market in years, call our helpful staff at 877.663.3976 or email

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Upload Your Graphic Files

Posted by Heather Jordan on January 12, 2009
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MODdisplays uses advanced project management systems to ensure that your trade show display arrives on time and looks exactly as you expected. By repeating the same procedures for every exhibit we produce, we minimize mistakes. Our returning clients are confident in our system because they know exactly what to expect. Trade shows are stressful enough without any contribution from MODdisplays, so we keep our clients informed and in updated about the status of their trade show booth.

Uploading your graphic files is only one aspect of our overall project management system, but despite its simple appearance, our graphics uploader is very advanced when compared with that of other trade show companies. When you upload your graphics to our website, you must include your company’s name, your email address, and your phone number. As soon as your file is processed by our uploader, emails are dispatched to the graphic designer who has been assigned to your project, and your information is dropped directly into our project management system for easy access.

Your graphic files are usually reviewed by one of our graphic designers within an hour, and you’ll receive a customize e-proof to approve that will show you the layout of your graphics and highlight any areas that may cause problems when your exhibit is printed. We never print files until your company has approved our e-proofs, which ensures that no mistakes are made in the printing process. Many of our competitors will print files as they are received, but at MODdisplays our graphic design services are completely free, so we will offer your company design support in any way you need it.

If you have any questions about uploading your graphics or graphic guidelines, please email or call 877.MOD.EXPO.

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Graphic Banner Stands

Posted by Andy Keeler on January 22, 2008
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Banner stands are by far the easiest trade show graphic systems to use. They are lightweight, affordable, and have a very low cost of ownership compared with other types of trade show exhibits. Every banner stand we sell can be used independently or can be combined with other banner stands to form a large graphic wall, which allows your company a great deal of flexiblity and plenty of room for expansion.

Typical trade show banner stands come in a number of different types, but two primary types dominate the market. Retractable banner stands and tension pole banner stands each have their own unique advantages, and making a careful and informed choice can result in a much more satisfying purchase.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands use an aluminum base to store your graphic, and the graphic can be quickly pulled up from the base to display your graphic. These trade show banners are usually more durable than tension pole banner stands because the graphic is stored in a protective base.

The retractable banner stand that started it all is the Expand Quickscreen Banner Stand. Since this banner stand hit the market, thousands of copycats have emerged, but the Quickscreen is still a powerful marketing tool that is being puchased by companies nationwide. In general, Expand banner stands are more high-end solutions.

Tension Pole Banner Stands

Tension pole banner stands are usually less expensive than retractable banner stands, but the graphic is less protected. Usually the graphic is rolled in a cardboard tube that is surrounded by a padded canvas bag. This can result in damage in shipping and transportation if proper care is not taken.

Tension pole banner stands usually offer a larger graphic area than standard retractable banner stands. Because the graphic does not retract into a base, it can extend all the way to the floor, giving it a sleek and modern look that many exhibitors appreciate. Tension pole banner stands work especially well as graphic walls because the graphic can extend all the way to the floor. Many tension pole banner stands include magnetic pieces on the profile strips which allow you to attach your banner stands to one another.

All of our trade show banner stands come with pre-mounted graphics, so you never have to worry about mounting the graphic to your display system. In addition, we have added a padded carry bag to every banner stand order to further protect your graphic in shipping and transportation.

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