Customer Service Sets MODdisplays Apart

MODdisplays offers a wide selection of high quality trade show exhibits, but our commitment to customer service sets us apart from other online display retailers. The unique approach taken by our sales staff as well as our graphic designers is intended to create the best possible experience for our valued clients. Here are just a few examples of our commitment to customer service:

  • When you contact MODdisplays, your call will always be answered by a trained, experienced trade show marketing professional. Many companies direct you to a call center where your questions are fielded by inexperienced operators. Our sales personnel have hands on experience with attending and exhibiting at trade shows, and they spend every day working to create better exhibiting experience for our clients. Our sales personnel do not work on commission, so there is no need to worry about being manipulated by a pushy salesperson. Our goal is your exhibiting success.
  • To the best of our knowledge, MODdisplays is the only company in the industry that offers free graphic design. Our in house graphic design team spends every day working with exhibit graphics, and that experience means that they understand what it takes to make your display look great. We never outsource your design project to unqualified freelancers, every product is independently handled by a graphic designer that is specifically assigned to your project based on your company type and your needs.
  • To the best of our knowledge, MODdisplays is the only company in the industry that offers free custom renderings and exhibit design. Our rendering team allows our clients to see exactly what their exhibit will look like before they agree to purchase, and we can’t figure out why anyone would buy an exhibit if they’ve never seen an image of the finished product.
  • MODdisplays offers a price matching guarantee, which means that we will beat any written estimate. As one of the largest online retailers, our massive purchasing power ensures that we receive the best prices around, and we always pass our savings along to our customers. If you receive a quote from one of our competitors, we will happily beat their price and include all of our free services (graphic design, custom renderings) at no cost to you.

To speak directly with one of our experienced sales representatives, call 877.663.3976 or email

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Promotional Offers for August 2009

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 03, 2009
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Locking Counter Promotion

Free Stand-Off Graphic with NLC1 Counter

Free stand-off graphic with the purchase of any NLC-1 locking counter and case. Call 877.663.3976 to redeem this promotion.

Smartpak Free Shipping

Free Ground Shipping on Smartpak Cases

Free ground shipping on all Smartpak cases. Use coupon code “CASESHIP”.

Free Printed Wings with 10 x 10 Exhibit One Purchase

If you purchase a 10 x 10 Exhibit One display, for a limited time only you will receive free graphic wings. Call to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Xpressions Skin Promotion

10% Off Any New Skins for an Xpressions 10 x 10 Unit

Take 10% off any new skins for an Xpressions 10′ x 10′ display by called 877.663.3976 or emailing

Allure Promotion

Free Light Kit with Any Allure Banner Stand

Purchase any Allure banner stand and receive a free light kit. Call or email our sales department to redeem this offer.

Printed Proof Promo

Free Printed Proofs for Exhibit One, XRline, VBurst, or Xpressions

For the month of August only, receive a printed proof free of charge when you order an Exhibit One, XRline, Xpressions, or VBurst display. Call 877.663.3976 and press 2 for graphics to speak with a graphic designer about arranging your proof.

Waveline and OneFabric Promo

15% Off Additional Waveline or OneFabric Graphics

Do you need additional graphics for your Waveline or OneFabric displays? Take an extra 15% off any additional graphics you purchase for your system when you order all at once.

Replacement Cassette Promo

$15 Off Replacement Cassettes

Use coupon code “CASS15″ at checkout to receive $15 off the purchase of replacement cassettes for Imagine or Advance banner stands.

Visit our promotions page for more details, or call 877.663.3976.

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Promotions for May 2009

Posted by Andy Keeler on May 05, 2009
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As the spring trade show season winds to a close, there couldn’t be a better time to make sure all of your exhibiting components are in good working condition. MODdisplays is offering its deepest discounts of the year on trade show booths and exhibiting accessories in the month of May. If you take the time now to correct any problems with your exhibiting components and store your system away properly, you will be happy you did at the beginning of the fall trade show season.

The following is a list of promotions that expire on May 31, 2009:

Alumalite Zero Promo

Free Shipping on Alumalite Zero

When you purchase any Alumalite Zero trade show exhibit, receive free shipping using the coupon code “ALZSHIP”.


10% Off Xpressions Salesmate

Receive 10% off the purchase of any Xpressions Salesmate display when you use the coupon code “XSM10″.

Table Covers Promo

Free Shipping on Table Covers

Using the coupon code “TCSHIP”, receive free shipping on any table covers found on our website. This coupon cannot be used in combination with any other coupons.

Counters Promo

Take 10% Off All Counters

MODdisplays offers a wide selection of trade show counters. Use the coupon code “COUNT10″ to take 10% off any counter system on our website.

Hero Tabletop Displays Promo

Free Shipping on Hero Tabletop Displays

Our Hero Panel Tabletop Displays just got more affordable. Receive free shipping on any Hero using the coupon code “HEROSHIP”.

Hanging Sign Promo

Take 10% Off Any Hanging Sign

Take an additional 10% off any hanging sign on our website using the coupon code “HANG10″ at checkout.

Free 10 x 10 Section of Flooring

When you purchase any XRline trade show display in the month of May, receive a free 10′ x 10′ section of interlocking soft wood flooring in your choice of color. Call 877.663.3976 for details or email

Showmax and Showstyle Promo

Take 10% Off Showmax and Showstyle

Using the coupon code “SHOW10″, take 10% off any Showmax or Showstyle tabletop display unit. These exhibits are perfect for exhibiting in tight spaces.

Lumina-8 Lights

Free Lumina-8 Lights with 10 x 10 Xpressions Unit

We ordered too many Lumina-8 trade show lights, and we have to get rid of them. When you purchase any 10′ x 10′ Xpressions Display, you can get one free. Call for details.

Burst Displays Promo

Take 10% Off Any Burst Display

Using the coupon code “BUR10″, take 10% off any Burst Display we offer on our website, including our new Burst package deals.

If you have any questions about these promotions or would like to place an order, please call 877.MOD.EXPO or email

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Balancing Professionalism and Personality

No two companies are exactly alike, and every company requires a unique marketing strategy. Balancing professionalism and personality is a challenging task for a new company, but finding that balance could yield big returns on your marketing efforts.

Sometimes the industry itself demands a specific approach. A company that sells life insurance will probably maintain an air of professionalism, while a company that sells toys for young children would do well to create a more approachable feeling. As a result, companies are often forced into a particular mold that they cannot escape without doing irreparable harm to their image.

Some industries allow for a good deal of flexibility and creativity. As you shop for trade show displays, you’ll probably notice that exhibit retailers employ a wide variety of marketing styles. On some websites you’ll find pictures of staff members and their families and other personal touches, and on other websites you’ll find a rigid, corporate, and impersonal style. As a general rule, when there is less market research data available in a specific industry, marketing strategies tend to vary wildly. Companies tend to cling to something that works instead of asking themselves what works the best.

Striking a balance between professionalism and personality should leave your clients with the feeling that you are dependable, honest, and capable. Every industry is different, and you may need to be more professional or more personal to get the best results, but the only way to find out for sure is through trial and error.

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Promotional Offers Expiring February 2009

Posted by Lindsay Jenkins on February 03, 2009
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Visit for updates on our monthly promotional offers.

  • Free 10 x 10 section of soft wood flooring with any purchase of $2,500 or more. Trade show flooring is a valuable marketing asset at any convention or expo, and MODdisplays is giving flooring away with any purchases over $2,500. Any trade show booth looks better with well designed exhibit flooring, and our soft wood floors go well with almost any style of trade show exhibit.
  • Free shipping on any trade show case. MODdisplays understands that shipping trade show cases can be a costly enterprise, but we’re willing to take the cost of the first shipment upon ourselves. Use the coupon code “CASESHIP” at checkout to receive free shipping on the purchase of any trade show case we carry.
  • Receive graphic infill panels at no cost when you purchase an Exhibit One counter system from MODdisplays. Our trade show counters provide exhibitors with storage as well as a place to meet and greet attendees. Adding your graphics to the front of your counter allows you to further enhance your company’s brand at your next event.
  • Free shipping case with the purchase of an Orient Banner Stand Wall with lights. When you purchase an Orient Banner Stand Wall and add a set of Lumina 2 trade show lights, your entire package will be shipped in a durable, rugged shipping case with wheels. In addition to protecting your banner stands and light fixtures, the shipping case will make transportation easier.

If you have any questions about our promotions, give MODdisplays a call at 877.663.3976 or email

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Last Minute Shipping Options

Posted by Andy Keeler on January 19, 2009
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At MODdisplays, we boast the fastest turnaround times in the portable trade show display industry. Even if you need a trade show display for your event that takes place tomorrow, chances are good that we can accommodate your needs. It is not uncommon for MODdisplays to pick up the slack when other companies have failed to produce or ship a trade show booth on time. We understand that trade shows are time sensitive events with a lot of money on the line, and we strive to get the job done even in high-pressure situations.

Although we recommend planning your trade show display months in advance, we understand that it is often necessary to ship trade show booths at the last minute. When you absolutely must have your exhibit for a show that takes place tomorrow, there is still plenty of time to get your project finished. MODdisplays regularly ships trade show booths directly to conferences or hotels for our clients to pick up at the last second before the show begins.

Every trade show display we sell can be assembled completely within an hour, which means that even if you receive your booth on the same day the show begins, you won’t lose precious time trying to set up a complicated exhibit with poor directions. If another exhibit company fails to meet your deadline, give MODdisplays a chance and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Accessorize Your Popup Display

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 30, 2008
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Standard 10ft Popup with KioskIf you’ve ever attended a trade show, you know that popup displays tend to dominate the landscape. Exhibitors love popup displays because they are easy to set up, affordable, lightweight, and provide a large graphic backdrop. As more and more exhibitors have began to incorporate multimedia into their trade show booths, popup exhibits became less popular. With the release of the Standard 10ft Popup with Kiosk, MODdisplays has devised a system that allows exhibitors to have the convenience of a popup display with the flexibility of a modular hybrid exhibit.

The foot of the kiosk slides neatly under the frame of the popup, allowing the kiosk to fit flush against the back wall of your popup exhibit. Monitors, literature holders, product shelves, counters, and clothing racks can be added to the kiosk to create a custom look that meets the needs of your company. Thanks to the modular nature of the kiosk, accessories can be added long after your exhibit is purchased, which means your company will have plenty of room to grow into a full-featured exhibit in the years to come.

The Standard 10ft Popup Display with Arc is another modular popup booth that has quickly become on of our best-selling products. This unit uses two kiosks connected by a stylish section of curved aluminum. Despite the stylish appearance of our unique popup systems (you won’t find these units anywhere else on the market), they can be set up in as little as 20 minutes, and they can be shipped via UPS or FedEx. Like every trade show display from MODdisplays, these units are designed with style and portability in mind.

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Small Space, Small Budget, BIG Impact

Posted by Andy Keeler on May 08, 2008
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It’s easy to get caught up in the world of corporate exhibiting and forget about the little guy, but that’s not what we’re about at MODdisplays. The vast majority of small businesses with exhibiting budgets choose to show off their products and services at small, local trade shows rather than expensive national conventions. The reality is that most businesses operate on the local level, which limits their target market to small chamber of commerce shows and local conventions. So what can you do to make the biggest impact on a tight budget in a small exhibiting space?

trade show table

 In order to make the most of your exhibiting budget, we recommend focusing your efforts on high-impact graphics. Because we offer free graphic design at MODdisplays, creating powerful images won’t cost you a cent, no matter what size trade show display you purchase. Our experienced graphic designers have created countless table top displays and banner stands, and they understand what is needed to make your exhibiting experience a success.  Free graphic design is a great place to start if you’re looking to make a big impact.

Because local trade shows target the same audiences year after year, you are likely to run into the same visitors and attendees repeatedly. Changing up your graphics and revamping your display occasionally will help keep your content fresh, which will encourage visitors to take a second look at your trade show booth display.

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International Booth Logistics

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, there will always be at least a few trade show booths that never arrive. There is nothing more saddening than to see an exhibitor stranded without a trade show display after spending thousands of dollars and months in the planning stages. This is every exhibitor’s worst nightmare, because it could cost your company thousands of dollars. What can you do to keep this from happening to you?

With years of experience in booth logistics and exhibit shipping, the staff at MODdisplays understand what it takes to get your booth delivered on time. We work closely with UPS, FedEx, and various trucking companies to make sure that your exhibit arrives in mint condition. Our experienced logistics teams take extra precautions to make sure that your exhibit passes smoothly through customs and is delivered on the other side in a timely manner. These precautions include notifying customs in advance that your shipment is on its way, paperless invoicing that is transmitted directly to customs, and “importer of record” status (which is a status that can only be acquired through consistent and honest cross-border shipments).

International Booth Logistics

If you have any questions about the exhibit logistics services we offer, including booth storage or international shipping management, please give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email

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Guide to Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays are becoming more popular with exhibitors because of the low cost of shipping and drayage, but picking the right exhibit for your company can be a tough project. There are hundreds of different models available on the internet, and which one you pick will depend on your marketing budget and what types of accessories you need. No matter what type of trade show display you choose, the goal is to make a huge impact with your exhibit space and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

There are many types of portable trade show displays, and below is a list of the most common styles:

Tabletop Displays

Xpressions Tabletop Display

Tabletop displays are typically used at small, local trade shows. Companies that exhibit locally tend to devote their marketing efforts toward small display systems that provide a large graphic area. Tabletop displays are often complimented with table covers branded with a company logo, which helps companies to identify themselves. Tabletop displays can cost anywhere from $300 – $2,000, but most systems cost around $800.

Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Display
Pop up displays have been a mainstay in the portable trade show display industry for over 30 years. These unique systems use aluminum frames that collapse down very small, but can expand to form large back wall displays. Fabric or graphic panels can be added to the frame once it has been set up, allowing you to display a seamless image across the entire width of your booth. Pop up displays typically range between $1,000 and $4,000.

Modular Displays
Modular Displays
Modular trade show displays can be used in multiple exhibit spaces with the exact same hardware. There is no need to purchase different displays depending on the size of the booth you need to exhibit in, modular displays allow you to quickly change out your hardware and use your booth in multiple settings. If you know that your company will need to exhibit in multiple spaces, modular trade show displays are definitely the way to go. Modular displays typically range between $5,000 and $15,000.

Hybrid Displays

Alumalite Displays
Hybrid displays are accessory friendly exhibits. Adding monitor mounts, literature holders, and counter systems is easy thanks to innovative display technologies. One exhibit system can support countless accessories and many configurations, which allows exhibitors to have a great deal of flexibility without paying an exorbitant price for a custom exhibit. Typically hybrid displays range between $2,000 and $10,000.

Banner Stand Walls

Orient Banner Stand Wall
Banner stand walls are an economical way to exhibit in a 10 x 10 space. These simple systems are very lightweight, but have a very large graphic area. The graphic retracts into the base when not in use, which allows it to remain protected in transportation and shipping. The banner stand wall as pictured can be fully set up within 10 seconds, making it one of the easiest displays to use on the market. Typically banner stand walls run between $800 and $2,000.

Investing in a Portable Exhibit
Purchasing a trade show display can be a big step for a company, but the investment usually pays off big. Here are some things you should look for when purchasing a trade show exhibit to make sure that you’re getting the best deal:

  • Make sure your display carries a lifetime warranty. You don’t want to be left holding the bag when your display is destroyed in a cross-country shipment or damaged by careless I & D personnel.
  • Make sure your display is assembled in the United States. Chinese-made products are inferior, have longer turnaround times, and usually do not carry any type of warranty.
  • Make sure your portable display is approved for the show you are attending. Trade shows have strict regulations and policies, and many exhibitors arrive only to find out that their type of trade show display has been banned by the show organizers.
  • Make sure you save money for accessories. Literature racks and product shelving are important parts of any display system, so don’t forget about these items when ordering your trade show exhibit.

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