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Custom Exhibits vs. Stocked Exhibits

At MODdisplays, we believe that we have found the ideal balance between custom exhibits and stocked exhibits. Using only stocked hardware, every trade show display we sell can be packaged and shipped in a matter of days, but our flexible modular exhibit lines allow for virtually limitless customization. With MODdisplays, you get the convenience and rapid turnaround times of a portable exhibit retailer with the flexibility and versatility of a custom exhibit house.

Because we can create custom-looking trade show displays from stocked exhibit hardware, we are able to keep our costs down and streamline the process of ordering exhibits online. Our catalog of stocked components is enormous, and it never stops growing. Whether you need literature shelves, monitor mounts, counter systems, light fixtures, or product shelves, we can meet your needs at affordable prices with lightning quick turnaround times.

You’re probably as tired as we are of the endless bickering between exhibit houses about whether custom exhibits or stocked exhibits are better, so why not experience the best of both worlds by purchasing your next trade show booth from MODdisplays? Call 877.MOD.EXPO or email sales@moddisplays.com for more details.

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Lighter is Better

Purchasing a lightweight, portable exhibit can save your company thousands each year in shipping and drayage. With trade show marketing budgets tightening across the nation, cutting costs in shipping is a great way for exhibitors to save money without sacrificing their look. When you ship your trade show booth via UPS or FedEx, your charges are determined by size and weight (larger and heavier will cost more money to ship).

At MODdisplays, every trade show display we sell includes a proper shipping case that can be shipped via UPS or FedEx. Many of our cases are designed to fit just underneath UPS/FedEx dimensional weight restrictions, which allows you to ship the most material possible without facing additional charges due to the size of your package. In addition to saving our customers money, this saves our carriers money and makes their life easier, which is an important factor in securing extra discounts with UPS and FedEx.

In addition to the cost savings, purchasing a lightweight trade show booth is good for the environment. Lightweight, portable exhibits are just one more way companies have found to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.

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Popup Display with Arc

Due to the instant popularity of our new popup display option, we have decided to release another popup display configuration. This setup features a pair of XRline columns connected by an arc made from curved aluminum. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of this configuration, the XRline columns provide a number of customization options that were not available before. The image below represents the Standard 10ft Popup Display with Arc, which also includes three front mount aluminum literature shelves:

Standard 10ft Popup Display with Arc

This trade show display system can be purchased for $3,758 (which includes complete, unlimited graphic design service). Although literature shelves are pictured in the image above, you are free to customize your own accessories. If you prefer, you can add counters, monitors, product shelves, or other functional accessories. To customize your exhibit, please give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email sales@moddisplays.com.

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New Popup Display Option

Meet the newest addition to MODdisplays’ extensive line of popup displays: the Standard 10ft Popup with Kiosk. Thanks to the slim aluminum foot of the XRline displays, the kiosk is able to nest beneath our Standard line of popup displays for a clean fit. The ability to add XRline kiosks to our line of popup displays allows you to use literature shelves, monitor mounts, counters, and product shelves with your popup display (these options were previously unavailable at MODdisplays).

Standard 10ft Popup with Kiosk

If you already own a popup display and need to purchase the kiosk separately, that is also an option. Purchasing our popup kiosk allows you to move your trade show exhibit into the modern age without purchasing an entirely new booth display. Our kiosks can be customized to meet the individual needs of your company, so please feel free to give us a call for more details at 877.663.3976 or email sales@moddisplays.com.

The versatility of this new system is unmatched for the price (the system pictured above retails for $3,237, which means it costs less to buy our popup system with a kiosk than to buy a full graphic popup alone from most trade show display companies). MODdisplays is able to sell high quality products for much less than the competition because we do not believe in making outrageous margins on graphic production (some companies will charge over $500 for a graphic panel that costs less than $50 to produce). Those margins are built in to cover the cost of mistakes, but we believe that we should pay for our own mistakes (not our clients).

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Go Portable, Save Thousands

20 x 20 Exhibit One DisplayPortable trade show displays are the wave of the future. Rising gas prices have resulted in increased transportation costs, which encourages exhibitors to buy trade show booths that can be shipped all around the country via UPS or FedEx. Standard exhibits must be shipped in advance to pre-show warehouses in order to be set up by unionized drayage personnel, while portable exhibits can be wheeled directly onto the show floor to be assembled by your own staff members.

Although portable exhibits got their start in smaller spaces (table top displays and 10′ x 10′ spaces), they are now becoming popular choices in large spaces such as 20′ x 20′ islands and 10′ x 30′ inline sections. Because portable exhibits have taken on a much more custom feel in recent years, they have the appearance of a personlized exhibit designed by a custom exhibit house.  With the ability to add a wide variety of accessories such as monitor mounts, literature holders, product shelves, reception counters, and demo kiosks, exhibits can take on a new look for each exhibitor without needing to be custom-designed every time. Through the use of stocked, modular components, exhibiting in a variety of spaces with custom-looking exhibits is more affordable and practical than ever.

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Portable Trade Show Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on December 04, 2007
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All of our trade show displays and exhibit graphics at MODdisplays are designed to be shippable via UPS or FedEx. Many companies who are new to exhibiting do not fully understand how much this fact reduces the cost of owning our trade show displays over the long term. If you exhibit in twenty shows per year, a display that weighs as little as ten pounds less can save you over a thousand dollars in shipping.

Many of our trade show displays are small enough to be checked as airline luggage. For the sake of simplicity and to protect your valuable exhibit hardware, we do not recommend this course of action, but our lightweight material is easy to transport and ready to fit into your exhibiting schedule painlessly.

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Popup Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 09, 2007
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Popup displays have been standard in the portable trade show display industry for years. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, listed below:

  • 6ft Tabletop: Will fit on a typical 6ft trade show table.
  • 8ft Tabletop: Will fit on a typical 8ft trade show table.
  • 8ft Floor Display: These displays are 8ft wide by 7.5ft tall.
  • 10ft Floor Display: These displays are designed for a 10′ x 10′ space.
  • 20ft Inline Display: These displays are designed for a 10′ x 20′ space.
  • 20ft Island Display: Viewable image area from all sides, designed for a 20′ x 20′ space.

All popup displays can be equipped with Velcro-receptive fabric, or with custom image trade show graphics. Many exhibitors opt to use both by placing their graphics onto the Velcro-receptive fabric. This allows for maximum flexibility, but is more difficult to set up and take down.

Visit MODdisplays for product reviews and advice related to popup displays. This will help you make the best choice when selecting your exhibit.

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