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Exhibit Showcase: Week 3

Posted by Andy Keeler on October 06, 2008
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  • Display Type: Tension Fabric
  • Booth Size: 20′ x 20′
  • Special Accommodations: Internally-lit bar area, back wall with hidden plasma mount
  • Price Range: $20,000 – $50,000
  • Turnaround Time: 7 business days
  • Setup Time: 2 – 4 hours

Coda Tension Fabric Booth

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Typography in Exhibit Design

Typography plays an important but often underestimated role in exhibit design. The font used in the design of a trade show display will often make a bigger impression upon attendees than the words themselves. Attendees and the general public are largely unaware of the influence that font choices can have on purchasing decisions, and you can use this to your advantage as an exhibitor.

Typical exhibiting goals include increasing brand recognition, generating positive brand association, marketing products and/or services, and distributing promotional literature, and typography can play a key role in helping you to meet those goals. It is important to be aware of what message you’re sending when you use particular fonts so that you can have tighter control of your company’s brand. Here’s a few brief points to ponder that may help you make better design choices when laying out the graphics for your trade show booth.

Over 90% of corporations use Helvetica-based or Helvetica-like font faces in their corporate logos. MODdisplays company logo uses a Helvetica-based font. Stripped of their ornamentation, Helvetica based fonts are very readable. Letters that are sized and spaced proportionally give viewers a strong sense of relatedness and order. Sans-serif Helvetica-based fonts give potential clients the sense that your company is made up of people like them, which instills confidence and promotes spending. We highly recommend using proportionally spaced type faces in company logos and slogans, as well as “skimming material”.

If unadorned fonts are more readable, why aren’t they used in books and magazines? Over the past thirty years, it has been consistently proven that serifed fonts are easier on the eye when reading large blocks of text. The serifed edges allow the eye to pass smoothly from one word to the next, which allows for increased reading speed and comfort. Visit any typography-focused website (one of my favorites is, and you’ll notice that (in general) headings and titles are displayed in sans-serif fonts and large blocks of text are displayed in serifed fonts.

Typography is a seemingly limitless field where the possibilities for learning are endless. Devoting some time to understanding why certain fonts are chosen will increase the quality and visibility of your trade show graphic design, and will hopefully generate some more leads for your company.

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Interop New York 2008 – Business IT Conference

Interop New York 2008 is the leading business technology event in the United States. Scheduled for September 15 – 19 at the Javits Convention Center, Interop is being billed as the “Big Apple Show”. With keynote speeches by SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff, Novell CEO Ronald Hovsepian, Cisco VP Marie Hattar and more, Interop has slated an all-star schedule that will draw a wide range of attendees from the world of business technology.

Covering topics from cloud computing to green IT to network security, the conference will play host to 250 exhibitors and thousands of visitors and attendees. The Mobile Business Expo will take place in conjunction with Interop, and will focus on issues of business agility and web-based management of company data. Given that our company data here at MODdisplays is situated almost entirely in the cloud, the Mobile Business Expo definitely peaked our interest. Our technical staff are always looking for ways to better manage our data to increase flexibility and productivity, because in doing so we can bring more value to our clients.

MODdisplays also finds itself connected with the Mobile Business Expo in other ways. Thanks to our multimedia-friendly, custom-looking lines of trade show booth systems, we match up well with the profile of the exhibitors who will be showing their stuff at Interop 2008, which works out well for our company and our clients. At a trade show designed to promote business agility through technology, what better way to show off your products/services than with a highly portable, technology-friendly trade show exhibit?

For more information, contact MODdisplays at 877.MOD.EXPO or email

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