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Flat Banner Stand Shipping Case

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 31, 2008
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If you’re looking to ship multiple banner stands to a single location, the Flat Banner Stand Shipping Case is right for you. Unlike most banner stand shipping cases, this option uses a clam-shell style which allows for maximum storage capacity. Despite its lightweight construction, this case is extremely durable and resilient in shipping, so you can rest assured knowing that your banner stands will arrive in one piece.

banner shipping case

If you’re interested in purchasing a banner stand case, this system is currently available for same day shipment to anywhere in the United States or Canada. The price for the case is $215, and this price includes partitions for banner stands which will hold your systems in place.

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Popup Display Shipping Cases

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 22, 2008
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Standard Display CaseIf you’re looking for a popup display shipping case, look no further than MODdisplays. Our Standard Display Case (pictured below) is the most popular popup case on the market thanks to simple design and an affordable price. All of our full size popup displays ship in the Standard Display Case because it offers your exhibit protection in shipping and transportation. Our popup cases tilt and roll for easy transportation, making it simple to move your entire trade show booth from event to event.

Every pop up display case we sell has the option of being converted to a podium counter. This is a great feature which allows you to get even more use out of your exhibit system. If you would like to convert your popup case to a counter, we offer blue, black, and grey fabric as well as a full graphic print. All of our floor size Standard Popup Displays come with a case to counter conversion kit, which allows you to transform your case into a podium quickly and easily.

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Shipping Cases

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 16, 2008
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MODdisplays offers a wide range of shipping cases for almost any exhibiting need.  The cases are durable, and besides the freight cases, can be shipped with any common carrier.  The cases are also stocked items so they ship the same day.  We also strive to offer detailed information about all of cases within the product page so you can easily find the interior and exterior dimensions, weights and other useful specs that can help make shopping for cases easier.

Cases like our Graphics Cases are ideal for rolled graphics such as large banners or extra popup graphics.   The Graphic SmartPak cases also offer a lifetime warranty.    We also offer many hardware shippers that are ideal for such displays as popups since they offer separate compartments for your graphics, your hardware and even your lights.  The Little Giant is a recent addition as it has been newly designed and released.   It is one of the smallest cases on the market that can hold a full size display like the Xpressions along with the hardware to convert into a podium.

And as with all our products you can add the cases to your cart and see live shipping rates.  Customers are often surprised how inexpensive shipping has become even for larger cases.

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Exhibit Storage and Logistics Services

Exhibit Storage and Logistics ServicesManaging shipping and logistics for a trade show exhibit can be a complicated process, so why not let MODdisplays handle your display booth from start to finish? We offer exhibit storage and logistics services at a very competitive rate, which takes the burden off of your trade show marketing teams when it comes to managing your projects.

MODdisplays charges $25/month for exhibit storage, as well as $100 every time the exhibit enters or leaves our facility. The price includes a complete checkup on the health of your exhibit, but does not include the cost of any repairs or replacements needed to have your trade show display booth in working order. The cost also includes professional exhibit logistics from our shipping staff, which ensures that your exhibit will arrive on time and in one piece for your next event.

Although your exhibit storage plan does not include the cost of shipping, we do not mark up shipping at MODdisplays. Due to the massive volume of trade show exhibits we ship, we receive substantial discounts from UPS and FedEx, which means that allowing us to ship your booth will actually save you money on transportation. This savings often makes up for the cost of exhibit storage and logistics, which means that your company actually saves money by letting us do all the work!

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Smartpak Graphics Cases

Posted by Andy Keeler on April 15, 2008
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Smartpak cases stand out because of their bright blue color, so there is no way you could possibly confuse them with another graphics case. Every Smartpak case we sell is designed to withstand the rigors of shipping and transportation, so you can be confident that your valuable trade show hardware will be protected. The crush resistant design of our Smartpak IQ case will ensure that the case itself lasts for years to come. Should anything happen to your Smartpak case, the case carries a 100% lifetime warranty. Simply send the case back and we will repair or replace the broken part at no cost to you.

Smartpak cases come with a top handle and durable wheels that make transportation easy. You’ll never have to carry your exhibiting materials from show to show again, simply roll them along in our durable case. As you can see, the Smartpak cases come in many different sizes, so you are sure to find the case that meets your needs at MODdisplays:

Smartpak cases

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Protect Your Investment – Trade Show Cases

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 31, 2008
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Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a trade show display and then ship it in a flimsy cardboard box? That’s the equivalent of buying a Porsche and then letting your 11 year old nephew drive it home from the dealership. Trade show cases are a great way to protect your investment without adding much cost to your exhibit booth. MODdisplays also sells cases to protect your trade show graphics, which are by far the most vulnerable part of your trade show booth display.

The cost of designing your graphics can  add up to thousands of dollars (although MODdisplays offers free graphic design service so that our clients can avoid this charge), so why not protect them with a graphics case? These cases usually cost less than $200, and most come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your system will always be protected.

The best part about trade show cases is the effect that a high quality case has on installation and dismantle personnel. When they see a display packaged roughly in a flimsy cardboard box, they tend to take less care when assembling the display because they think that it is old and probably already damaged. If they come across your exhibit and it is neatly packaged, it makes their job much easier, which means they will take more time to properly set up your booth, and they will take more care not to damage your exhibit components.

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Trade Show Cases

Posted by Andy Keeler on February 18, 2008
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Many companies spend thousands of dollars on trade show displays and exhibit graphics, but then refuse to spend money on a proper trade show case. Even custom exhibit houses will often ship their completed booths in homemade wooden crates, which is absolutely astounding given the cost of the materials being shipped. If you’re going to invest thousands of dollars to exhibit at a trade show, you should protect your investment with a durable, rugged shipping case.

One of the biggest factors that exhibitors overlook when choosing a case is the ease of transport. Materials are often damaged when shipping and drayage personnel are struggling to move your system from place to place. As a general rule, your case should have wheels that are easy to use, and also be easily moved by a forklift. A clean, professional case that appears to be brand new will also earn the respect of unionized trade show workers, which will result in better treatment of your display.

Whether you’re looking for a flat shipping case, graphics case, banner shipping tube, or hardware shipping case, MODdisplays has exactly what you’re looking for in stock and ready to ship today. All of our cases have durable wheels and are made of crush-resistant plastic to ensure that your valuable exhibit hardware arrives at the trade show in one piece. We understand that your trade show exhibit material should be protected, and many of our modern exhibits come with durable trade show cases. Other companies in the portable trade show display industry choose to sell their displays without a case to make the cost appear lower, but you will receive a much lower value for your money with that type of solution.

You should always package your trade show graphics in a durable graphics case. We recommend our Smartpak cases because they come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This means that if your latch, lid, strap, or wheels ever break, you can have them repaired or replaced immediately at no cost to you.

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