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Modular 20 x 20 Trade Show Display with Conference Room

Posted by Andy Keeler on February 17, 2014
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20 x 20 trade show display boothMODdisplays offers modular 20′ x 20′ trade show display packages in virtually limitless configurations, but one of our most popular requests is for a private conference room within the booth. Modular Island Exhibit 2020.06 offers the privacy and security of a conference room, while utlizing the walls as a large graphic area. With integrated monitor mounts, literature shelves, and counters, this rest of the exhibit will keep your potential customers busy. With a max height of sixteen feet, this impressive system is sure to attract all the attention you can handle.

Despite its size and presence, the trade show exhibit pictured can be set up in just a few hours with a few workers, limited your install and dismantle costs, and giving you the option to set up the exhibit without the help of show personnel. The hanging signs pictured, however, will need to be installed by show coordinators. The structure is made from lightweight aluminum extrusions, and the graphics are durable and washable. For answers to your questions or to start customizing your own system, call 877.663.3976 or email


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Custom Looking Exhibits From Stocked Components

VK 1032MODdisplays specializes in custom-looking trade show exhibits made entirely from stocked exhibit hardware. Our extensive line of aluminum hardware and accessories allows our exhibit designers to create spaces that are tailored to the needs of your company without the expensive design fees associated with custom exhibit houses. Our graphic design and exhibit design services are available at no cost, and our trained professionals have years of experience creating effective trade show booths.

MODdisplays can offer much faster turnaround times and lower prices than typical custom exhibit houses because all of our display components are stocked at various warehouses scattered across the United States. Surprisingly, the ability to fabricate custom parts for your exhibit adds very little additional functionality. In short, we can create almost anything that a custom exhibit house can create, but at a much cheaper cost and a much quicker turnaround time. Once the design of your exhibit is complete, all that’s left is to pull your hardware components off the shelf and print your graphics.

If you have a quote from a custom exhibit house that seems unreasonable, let MODdisplays take a look to see if there is anything we can do to reduce your costs or speed up your turnaround time. Our friendly, knowledgeable industry professionals are standing by to help. Call 877.663.3976 or email for more information.

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Inexpensive 10ft Display Options

Most exhibitors start out with table top displays and progress to larger exhibits as their trade show marketing program picks up steam. In the past, floor displays were cost-prohibitive to many companies, but today there are many inexpensive options that allow small businesses to move immediately into 10′ x 10′ spaces. These options allow exhibitors to make a big impact on a small marketing budget, making their trade shows more profitable than ever before. Take a look at a few of the affordable options we offer below:

Standard Retractable Banner Stand Wall$597 (includes graphic design)

OneFabric 10ft Curved Display$895 (includes graphic design)

Waveline 10ft Curved Display$845 (includes graphic design)

If you have any questions about these affordable trade show displays, please call 877.663.3976 or email to speak with one of our professional exhibiting consultants.

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Alumalite Zero Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on April 27, 2009
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Alumalite ZeroIn addition to the classic Alumalite system and the brand new Alumalite Lineare, MODdisplays also offers a minimal, economical version called Alumalite Zero. This simple back wall system comes standard with a counter, shelves, and a monitor mount for only $4774.00. Despite its relatively low price, the Alumalite Zero boasts one of the easiest set up processes of any product on the market today.

Because of the large number of available wing/header configurations, Alumalite Zero can be used to create many different looks without changing the basic structure of the exhibit. Each display uses the same basic structure and same back wall graphics, but by combining the structure in different ways, you can create a nearly infinite number of custom-looking configurations.

As with nearly all of our trade show products, Alumalite Zero components can be ordered a la carte. Each display is made to order, which means you can add or remove accessories from your configuration with ease. Unlike many companies who force you to choose between limited package options or outrageous custom design fees, MODdisplays offers the best of both worlds at the best prices in the industry.

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Industry Leadership

An industry is a group of companies that operate with the same end-users in mind. For example, the trade show materials industry is comprised of all the companies that are working to sell trade show displays and exhibiting accessories to a group of people who can be collectively referred to as exhibitors. The strongest companies always find themselves in a leadership role within their industry, while weaker companies spend most of their energies imitating the strategies of the stronger companies in an attempt to catch up.

Trade show marketing is no different. If you find yourself planning your trade show exhibit by trying to model your booth after one of your best competitors, you will probably find that your industry-leading competitor will have further distanced itself by the time you’ve adequately mimicked their exhibiting system. In order to take a leadership role in your industry, you need to step away from industry standards and norms and take a long, hard look at what end-users are looking for. Once you understand your client’s profile, you’ll have a clear picture of what marketing steps to take. Instead of merely copying your competitors marketing efforts, you will be able to define your own presence and set the tone for your industry. Your display may take an entirely different shape and style than any of your competitors, but that won’t matter if your look is exactly what clients have been searching for.

One way to spot a dying company is to look for responsive marketing practices. Do you ever wonder why Microsoft doesn’t respond to Apple’s constant jabs about the inferiority of Windows PCs? The reason is simple: Microsoft holds over 80% of the market share, and responding to Apple’s marketing efforts would legitimize them. While marketing campaigns should be flexible enough to respond to changing competitive environments, they shouldn’t be focused entirely on tearing down competitors. A marketing strategy that directly attacks competitors in an unskilled or tactless way only serves to legitimize your competition, and may actually drive customers away who want to find out what it is about your competitor’s business model that has you in such a tiff.

When planning your next event, think carefully about what will interest your potential clients. If possible, try to take your thinking outside of the context of what other players in your industry are doing. If everyone else in your industry is making unnecessarily large profit margins, your company will have a lot of success by offering lower prices. If your industry lacks a recognizable brand name, improve your packaging and placement to put your logo in the minds of your potential clients. If your industry is like most, there is plenty of room for improvement. Can you ever improve as a company if you’re constantly copying ideas and responding to the work of your competitors?

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Exhibit Showcase: Week 6

  • Display Type: XRline
  • Booth Size: 10′ x 10′
  • Special Accommodations: Large Plasma Monitor
  • Price Range: $7496.00
  • Turnaround Time: 3 – 5 business days
  • Setup Time: 1 hour

XRline trade show display

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MODdisplays Releases New Line of Panel Tabletop Displays

Posted by Andy Keeler on October 09, 2008
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MODdisplays is proud to announce the release of the Standard Panel Tabletop Display system. The simple design and affordable price of these tabletop displays makes them a great option for non-profit organizations or churches that are looking to make a big impact on a tight budget. Starting at only $129, these affordable trade show displays can be set up in a matter of seconds and accented with vibrant graphics. Visit for more details about this exciting new tabletop display.

Standard Panel Tabletop Displays come with black, blue, or burgundy fabric that is Velcro-receptive. Unlike many panel tabletop displays, the Standard is double-sided and double-hinged for added versatility and convenience. The market is saturated with expensive popup tabletop units and overpriced display boards, but the Standard Panel Tabletop proves that a stylish display does not have to cost a fortune.

Standard Panel Tabletop Display

“MODdisplays places a huge emphasis on value,” said Andy Keeler, President of MODdisplays. “This means getting the right exhibit for your company at a reasonable price. Exhibiting is inaccessible to many non-profit or charity organizations because of the high cost of purchasing a trade show booth with full graphics, but the Standard Panel Tabletop Display gives these groups a chance to look great without having to spend thousands of dollars.”

MODdisplays seems intent on becoming the premier provider of portable trade show exhibits, and the release of the Standard Panel Tabletop unit is one more step in the right direction for this exciting new company.

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Power Requirements at Trade Shows

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 16, 2008
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Electricity at trade shows is billed based on your actual usage. Many exhibitors are shocked to learn the cost of electricity, even if it was advertised in the exhibiting agreement. Personally, I don’t know the difference between a watt and a volt, but typically exhibit electricity is billed by wattage, and here is the wattage used for a number of common power consuming appliances (thank you Exhibitor Magazine):

  • TV: ~50 watts
  • Sound System: ~75 watts
  • Computer: ~400 watts
  • Fax Machine: ~60 watts
  • LCD Projector: ~300 watts
  • DVD Player: ~50 watts
  • 50-inch Plasma: ~500 watts

If you have to pre-order your electricity, always order more than you need. It would be disastrous if you ran out in the middle of your event.

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Trade Show Displays on Ebay

EbayEbay is a really good place to buy and sell general goods, but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a trade show exhibit on Ebay. There are hundreds of “new” trade show displays for sale at any given time for rock-bottom prices, but closer inspection of the product descriptions and user feedback make it easy to see how individuals and companies can afford to sell booths for such low prices.  Here are some examples of problems buyers have encountered when purchasing their booth on Ebay:

  • The seller sends out a broken or damaged product, and then refuses to answer phone calls or respond to emails in the following few weeks.
  • Once the seller has collected payment, the seller is slow and uncooperative during the shipping process. Conferences and expos are extremely time sensitive, and your trade show products need to be shipped quickly and correctly.
  • If you need help setting up your exhibit, don’t expect to get it from your Ebay seller. A seller on Ebay will sell a product “as is” with no support, which may result in you being stranded at your next event. Legitimate trade show companies always package their displays with instructions, have phone support ready and waiting, and even provide Installation & Dismantling services if you need them.
  • Your payment methods may be very limited, resulting in a reduced ability to combat deceptive selling practices. We always recommend paying by credit card for one reason: If you dispute a charge with your credit card company, you almost always win. If you send a personal check, you have no recourse if your product is damaged or broken.
  • It is often unclear whether the product is new or used. Ebay sellers love to be ambiguous, while legitimate companies love to be straightforward.

Here are a few examples of negative feedback left with just one user on Ebay. This particular Ebay user also doubles as a legitimate company. I won’t mention names…

Negative feedback rating Item was received broken, no reply to 3 e mails, will never use again.

Negative feedback rating Tried to contact seller a few times for refund. Item was damaged. No Response!

Negative feedback rating BEWARE! they sent wrong product and would not return message / email / phone.

Don’t turn your next event into a nightmare by purchasing a display on Ebay. Use a legitimate company with a proven track record of quality customer service, installation support, and an understanding of trade show logistics.

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Free 19″ Monitor with Alumalite Display Purchase

Throughout the month of August, MODdisplays will be giving away a free 19″ monitor with the purchase of any Alumalite Display with monitor mount. Modern, hybrid trade show exhibits like the Alumalite are becoming more and more popular as exhibitors become increasingly aware of the impact multimedia can have on their trade show marketing program. MODdisplays rendering department is constantly producing new Alumalite designs in an effort to further distance our company from its competition:

Alumalite 20ft Display

Alumalite exhibits are very configurable, and have a distinguished, custom-looking appearance that sets them apart. Visitors and attendees will get the impression that you’ve spent a fortune with a custom exhibit house, but you’ll know you’ve spent a fraction of that cost with MODdisplays. Alumalite booths are also extremely portable, which will cut down on the cost of shipping and drayage.

To take advantage of this special offer, give us a call at 877.663.3976 or email

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