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New Soft Wood Flooring Colors

Soft Wood FlooringMODdisplays now offers three additional styles of our soft wood flooring. In addition to light oak and dark oak flooring, we now offer our soft flooring in walnut, cherry, and red oak. Soft wood flooring is our most popular flooring solution, and these new colors are a great complement to our selection.

All of our soft wood flooring is 5/8″ thick, which provides exhibitors and attendees with plenty of cushioning during the show. Each 2′ x 2′ section of flooring comes with its own set of end and corner pieces (as pictured), which means you can make a variety of shapes with your flooring beyond just a simple 10′ x 10′ square. Unlike with large sections of roll flooring, if your tiles ever become dirty or damaged, you can replace them individually.

We are very excited about offering these new colors, as we have received many requests for better flooring selection in the past. If you have any questions or comments about our trade show flooring section, let us know! To order your own section of exhibit flooring, call 877.663.3976 or email sales@moddisplays for details.

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Interlocking Tile Trade Show Flooring

Interlocking tile trade show flooring has many advantages over traditional roll flooring. In the past, exhibitors would buy flooring in one large piece (10′ x 10′), and roll the flooring up to store it in a case. There are many problems with this type of flooring, and interlocking soft carpet flooring is a much better solution.

SoftCarpet Trade Show Flooring

The most obvious advantage is the savings in shipping. Interlocking carpet tiles break down into much smaller cases, which allows you to save money when shipping your carpet via UPS or FedEx. Roll flooring must be shipped in large cases such as the SmartPak, which can cost hundreds of dollars to ship across the country.

When your roll flooring arrives at the trade show, it will always retain at least some memory from being rolled up in shipping. This means that the corners of your booth will always curl up slightly, which is a very unattractive feature that can be easily avoided with puzzle flooring. Puzzle flooring ships flat, which makes curling a thing of the past.

If you damage a part of your roll flooring, you must replace the entire 10′ x 10′ section, which will cost you a small fortune. If you damage a part of your puzzle flooring, you only need to replace the damaged piece, which is much cheaper. Although interlocking soft flooring is relatively durable, the trade show environment will almost always produce damaged items, and it is important to know the replacement cost before you make an investment.

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The Benefit of Going with Puzzle Tile Flooring

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 17, 2008
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MODDisplays offers puzzle style flooring because we feel it better meets our exhibitors needs and wants.   Our client’s enjoy portability, being able to reconfigure and affordable pricing.  The tile flooring falls right in line with those sentiments.  Puzzle Tile Flooring offers numerous advantages over other options:

  1. Numerous Choices: We offer many options including Soft Carpet Flooring in 12 colors, Soft Foam Flooring in 14 colors, and Soft Wood Flooring in 2 shades so you are sure to be able to find a look that compliments your booth.
  2. Affordable: Our puzzle flooring costs less up front then other options and is cheaper to maintain because you only need to replace the tiles as needed instead of larger sections.  And purchasing is usually about the same price as renting.
  3. Cheap, Easy Shipping:  Tile flooring collapses down smaller and is much easier and cheaper to ship then heavy and bulky roll flooring.
  4. Reconfigurable: It is easy to purchase smaller sections like a 10×10 and then later add on to it to make a 10×20 or vice versa.
  5. Comfortable: Soft Foam and Soft Wood are made of foam and the Soft Carpet has a foam base so all the options add comfort to an otherwise exhausting day on the exhibit floor.
  6. Durable:  Our tiles are very durable, cars have actually been driven and displayed ontop of the flooring.  And the great thing about tile flooring is if you do destroy a tile you can just buy one replacement tile instead of an entire section.
  7. Easy Set Up:  Each 10×10 Section can be put down in a matter of minutes.
  8. Logos and Printing:  We now offer printing and logo options for all of our flooring choices.
  9. Easily Cleanable:  Our Carpets can be vacuumed and both our Foam and Wood options can be wiped down or swept.
  10. Durable Shipping Cases: We offer optional shipping cases with wheels that hold 10×10 sections each and can be shipped via FedEx or UPS.


Revamp of Trade Show Flooring Section

Posted by Andy Keeler on January 16, 2008
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In recent weeks, MODdisplays has completely revamped the trade show flooring section of our website. We have added over 20 brand new flooring options to choose from, and we have made the entire section more informative and easy to navigate. We believe that trade show flooring and exhibit lighting are two of the most critical and overlooked parts of any trade show booth system, and we want to help our clients understand their importance.

We now offer various types of interlocking flooring tiles including soft flooring, interlocking carpet flooring, and soft wood flooring. Each type of exhibit flooring we offer will help you keep your booth staffers comfortable, and will also help you differentiate your trade show booth space from that of your neighbors.

We hope you enjoy our revamped trade show flooring section. For more information please call 1.877.MOD.EXPO.