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MODdisplays Now Offers Promotional Products

Posted by Lindsay Jenkins on December 17, 2008
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promotional productMODdisplays now offers a selection of promotional products to help your company increase brand awareness at your next trade show. It is a proven fact that trade show giveaways can help improve the return on your investment at your next event. Whether you’re looking for a branded pen, bag, notebook, stress ball, or lanyard, MODdisplays has a wide selection to choose from. Please visit for more details.

Trade shows usually last six to eight hours, and offer time for booth staffers to interact with potential clients. Unless you make a big impression on your target audience, there is little hope that potential clients will remember your company’s brand. Sending potential clients away with branded giveaway items is a great way to make sure that you are not forgotten. High quality promotional items may remain in use for years, which serves as a constant reminder of your company.

“Our line of trade show products is constantly expanding and improving, and the addition of promotional items to our catalog complements our existing product line,” said Ben Hughes, Director of Sales at MODdisplays. “Although we will always focus our primary attention on the sale of trade show displays, many of our clients have expressed interest in purchasing trade show giveaways from our website as well. Our primary concern is to make shopping for trade show products easy and affordable for our clients, and we believe that the addition of promotional products is a step in that direction.”

Clients who order promotional products from MODdisplays will receive the same exceptionally quick service and dedicated attention as clients who order large trade show exhibits. MODdisplays has streamlined the process for ordering trade show booth packages to ensure that every order is fulfilled smoothly and every product arrives as expected. If you have any questions about the process at MODdisplays, call 877.663.3976 or email

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Using Word of Mouth

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 29, 2008
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Word of MouthNews spreads like wildfire on the trade show floor. Unfortunately for many exhibitors, bad news travels just as fast as good news. If you can generate a positive buzz about your booth, you are very likely to increase your traffic and improve the return on your investment. So what can you do to make it more likely that good news about your company’s booth travels by word of mouth throughout the convention center? Here are a few suggestions:

-Offer rewards to attendees who send potential clients your way. If your product/service is interesting or unique and it is directly related to the theme of the event, chances are good that attendees will meet at least a few people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can encourage them to refer these people to your exhibit space by offering them something of value.

-Instead of giving away huge quantities of promotional products (e.g. pens, stress balls), try giving away less quantity and more quality. If you hold a drawing every few hours for a high-end consumer product (iPod works well), attendees will certainly spread the word. Since your goal is to draw attention to your booth, the constant flow of visitors stopping by to drop their business cards into the drawing will provide you with ample opportunity to market your products and services. If possible, give away prizes that relate directly to what you sell (e.g. give away a new cell phone if you are a cellular service provider), as this strategy will help to solidify your brand.

-If you can avoid coming across as gimicky, using prize wheels and cash cubes is a great way to incite conversation among attendees about your booth. Who wouldn’t want to see a professional business man or woman grasping helplessly for dollar bills? These attractions are especially powerful if you can convince a major figure in your industry to participate in your game. If the keynote speaker at your event is willing to get in your cash cube or spin your prize wheel, you have a great opportunity to attract a big crowd.

Trade shows are all about communication. If you can generate positive word of mouth about your company at your next event, you’re well on your way to a successful marketing program.

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Using Attendees to Generate Buzz

Attendees talk to one another during every trade show, and you can use this fact to your advantage to generate more traffic to your trade show booth. In order to generate buzz around the exhibit hall, there needs to be something special about your trade show display or your promotional items (in other words, give attendees something to talk about).

At a typical trade show, a company might give away 1,000 promotional items that each cost $2 to buy and brand, which brings expenses on trade show giveaways to $2,000. You could create much more buzz for the same cost by giving away 5 promotional items that each cost $400. Most modern trade shows provide exhibitors with card readers and attendees with cards, which allows exhibitors to keep better track of who is interested in their products. Tell every visitor you see that every 200th attendee to have their card swiped will receive the $400 item, and you will certainly see a surge in interest to your trade show booth.

If possible, you want to have everyone at the trade show working to promote your booth. If you want to use this type of strategy, I would recommend purchasing a hanging sign as well, because you will need the increased visibility from across the trade show floor if you’re looking to generate attendee buzz.

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Using Promotional Items Well

Posted by Andy Keeler on April 06, 2008
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MODdisplays does not offer any promotional products to our clients, but we understand that using them well can be a key to your company’s trade show success. Since promotional products are not my area of expertise, I’ll speak from my own experience about what works for me when I attend a trade show. Promotional product experts: feel free to give your input on anything I write here.

The most important thing you can do is to differentiate your promotion from the other trade show giveaways being distributed. If you’re giving away a pen, Frisbee, stress ball, or key chain, it’s safe to say that your promotional giveaway probably won’t make a big impact on a typical attendee. These products still offer your company some value, because most visitors or attendees won’t immediately throw them away. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, these items probably won’t help you stand out.

Aside from being different, there are a few other general rules of thumb I would adhere to:

  • Relate the promotional giveaway to your product. (Example: If you are a cell phone retailer and you must give away a stress ball, at least make it take on the shape of a cell phone.)
  • Try to think of something that your client will actually use (this is why pens are so popular, because it seems like you can never have enough pens). If you can give your potential clients something really useful, they will remember you longer and they won’t throw it away immediately.
  • Hand out your promotional items to potential clients directly. Setting up baskets on a table encourages freeloading. If you leave your promotional items with a “take one” sign hanging in front, your competitors will take as many as they can to sabotage your trade show.

Another great strategy is to give away something that is more valuable, but carefully select who you give the product to. This works best if you sell high-end products, and you only need a few clients to maintain good business. Try giving your valued clients and prospective clients an inscribed iPod Shuffle. Shuffles only cost around $70, and you can have them inscribed with your company’s brand for free. You can bet your prospective clients won’t throw away a $70 music player.

Every trade show is different, and every potential client is different. Carefully analyze your situation and it won’t be hard to select a promotional giveaway that your potential clients will love.

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Trade Show Giveaways

Posted by Andy Keeler on December 06, 2007
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When your potential clients leave the trade show, the only remnants of your company that they will carry with them is your literature and your trade show giveaways. Ensuring that your trade show promotional products are well thought out can drastically increase your ROI at your next trade show.

You want to give away products that directly relate to the products/services you sell. If you sell cars, perhaps you could give away a seat cover, air freshener, or perhaps a gift card to purchase gasoline for free. If you sell music players, you could hand out iTunes gift cards or classic albums. Your gift should be more generous than you are comfortable with, because this will help your image to stand out in the crowd.

Your trade show giveaways should also work well with the theme of your trade show display and the theme of your trade show literature. Your entire marketing package should be cohesive, leaving your potential clients with a good idea of who you are and what you represent.

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