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Reduced Prices on Lumina Lights

Posted by Andy Keeler on January 05, 2009
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lumina lightsLumina trade show lights are durable, affordable display lights that have dominated the exhibiting landscape for years. MODdisplays offers the best prices in the trade show industry on Lumina lights, and we’ve just reduced our prices by 20%. All of our trade show lights ship on the same day you place your order, and we guarantee prompt and accurate delivery.

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Need a Bulb for your Trade Show Light?

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 14, 2008
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In addition to offering the most versatile and affordable trade show lighting solutions on the market today, MODdisplays offers premium light bulbs that work with our lights. Take a look at our selection:

Trade Show Light Bulbs

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Exhibiting With Multimedia

Modern trade show exhibits are almost always outfitted with multimedia components such as monitors or speakers. Adding multimedia and internet connectivity to your trade show booth makes sharing information quicker and easier than ever, which has dramatically increased the profitability of trade shows for companies that do business online.

There are a number of different uses for multimedia at a trade show, and your exhibit space should be oriented in a way that functions best for your needs. If you want to use the internet to share private pricing lists or provide a brief glimpse into the members only section of your website, you may want to put your computer in a more private location to avoid snooping from competitors. If you want to share a marketing video to relay information about your products and services, you would probably want to have your computer in a prominent place to attract attention from passing visitors and attendees. Think carefully about how you plan to use multimedia and let that determine the way you organize your trade show booth components.

When incorporating multimedia into your trade show display, you should be careful to ensure that your multimedia components do not overshadow your exhibit. Monitors, demo stations, and computers should be accessible, but should not obstruct your sales staff from engaging visitors and attendees. Visitors should feel welcome in your space, not crowded and disoriented. Purchasing a trade show display that is designed to hold monitors and manage computer wiring is a great way to make sure that your multimedia has a prominent place in your exhibit without taking up valuable real estate.

Many exhibitors make the mistake of improperly lighting their trade show displays in a way that detracts from the appeal of the multimedia. It is always a bad idea to have harsh exhibit lighting directly shining on your monitor, as this will cause unwanted glare on the screen. If your presentation is hard to see because of improper lighting, visitors and attendees will quickly lose interest and move to another exhibit to find what they are looking for. Lighting your monitor from above is always a good idea, as this draws attention to your multimedia without creating a glare on the screen.

When using multimedia, be sure to correctly adjust the volume to avoid problems with attendees as well as neighboring exhibitors. Many shows strictly regulate the volume of your presentations for the sake of nearby exhibitors, so be sure to read up on the rules before planning your demonstrations. It is also important that your sales staff be able to effectively communicate with visitors and attendees. Your booth staffers should never have to struggle to speak over the sound of your multimedia, as this will make your potential clients uncomfortable and will detract from the overall feel of your trade show booth system.

Using multimedia in your next trade show exhibit is critical if your company deals online in any way. Building a good web presence and effective online marketing material is a great way to show attendees that your company is highly professional and willing to keep up with changing market demands.

About the Author:
Andy Keeler is the President of MODdisplays, a leading provider of portable trade show displays and trade show booths. If you’re shopping online for Exhibit One displays or XRline displays, look no further than MODdisplays for your exhibiting needs.  MODDisplays can be found online at:

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Las Vegas Convention Center – Lighting Restrictions

Posted by Andy Keeler on August 04, 2008
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To their detriment, exhibitors are often unaware of the lighting restrictions in effect at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you show up at your event with the wrong kind of trade show lights, you may be forced to decide between renting lighting at exorbitant daily rates or not lighting your trade show booth at all. MODdisplays can help you purchase the kind of lighting that is approved for use at the Las Vegas Convention Center (which is by far the most strict facility in the United States with regards to lighting).

Lumina 7 LIght

The Lumina 7 trade show light can mount to almost any display surface. Thanks to the universal mounting kit, you can mount your lumina 7 light to almost any display structure (including popup displays). This light is specifically designed for use at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as it uses an incandescent bulb as opposed to a halogen bulb.

For more information about the lighting restrictions at the Las Vegas Convention Center, click here. Feel free to contact our Sales Department with any questions at 877.663.3976 or email

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Lower Prices on Lighting

Posted by Andy Keeler on July 11, 2008
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For the money, lighting could be your most valuable trade show display accessory.  This is because lights are inexpensive but are a great addition that can draw attention to an otherwise unnoticed booth.  Probably their best use is to highlight products or really help large graphics pop.   Many of our displays already include lights, like our Exhibit One or the XRline with built in recessed lights; even our affordable new Standard Popups come standard with lights.


For those items that need additional lighting our Lumina series are a great option.  The Luminas offer a wide variety of styles and finishes all with universal mounting brackets that can clamp to vertical or horizontal walls or pipes or even fit into the scissors of your pop-up frame.    We even offer a Lumina 2 banner stand light that will fit onto virtually any banner stand drawing more attention to what is important: the message on the graphic.


And we are happy to announce even lower prices than ever on these lights.   Check out our lower prices on all of our in-stock Lumina lights that ship the same day.  

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Banner Stand Lights

Posted by Andy Keeler on May 15, 2008
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For years, every banner stand required its own unique lighting system. All that has changed with the newest banner stand light on the market, the Lumina 2 spotlight. This unique light clamps directly to the pole of your banner stand, and nearly all banner stands use an aluminum pole to support the graphic. This means that the light will work with almost any banner stand on the market, regardless of the brand or style.

Banner Stand Light

In addition to the versatility of this banner stand light, the bulbs we provided are very eco-friendly, and can be used at almost any convention center. Every light we sell is UL approved, which means you won’t have to worry about the light being disallowed at your trade show. We are not merely a sales company, we are a trade show marketing firm. Our primary goal is to provide you with products that will make your trade show a success.

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Bulbs for Trade Show Lighting

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 24, 2008
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 At MODdisplays, we sell trade show lighting for exhibit display booths. Most exhibitors overlook trade show lights, which results in a poorly lit booth that will not work as well to attract attention. High quality trade show lights will help your trade show display stand out at the show without overwhelming your visitors and attendees.

The bulbs for most of the trade show lights we sell on our website can be purchased at your local hardware store, but we also sell them for your convenience. We sell trade show light bulbs for all the LightCraft lights and Lumina lights we sell, including 200W linear halogen bulbs and MR-16 bulbs.

If you have any questions about which bulb will work with your trade show lighting system, please contact us at 1.877.663.3976.

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Exhibit Lighting

Posted by Andy Keeler on March 07, 2008
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I recently realized that many of the exhibitors we work with didn’t realize the impact and necessity for lighting their display well.   Lighting is an inexpensive part of your exhibit and is a great way to highlight your more essential and expensive part of your display, graphics.  Attendees are drawn to brighter booths because they are more welcoming. 

 Many of our displays come with lighting by default because it is built into the very structure.  Take the Exhibit One and XRline exhibits; both of these displays have canopies with built in recessed lighting.  Lighting in this way, not only looks high-end, it is simple to use since all you do is plug the display in after it is set up.  Your recessed lighting not only illuminates your graphic it helps create more of an environment than simply a flat graphic, in turn increasing your booth traffic. 

Banner Stand lighting is often over looked.  But with new lights like the Lumina-2, drawing attention to your banner stand graphic is not only inexpensive, it is simple to use.  Since the light clips to the pole behind the display and arcs over the top for great down-lighting, the Lumina-2 works with virtually every banner stand option on the market.  

Every display we sell offers either built-in lighting or the option to add the lighting.  For all your other lighting needs, like if you want to add lighting to a display you already own, we offer a wide range of solutions under our lighting section.  The two main groups of lighting we sell are the LightCraft lights and the Lumina lights.  The LightCraft lights have been produced in the US since the beginning of the portable display boom.  And since they are produced to spec you can customize your mounting bracket, color and even the length and shape of the arm.  The Lumina lights are a stocked category of lights which make them more affordable and ready to ship right away.  Each of the Lumina lights offers a universal clamp that works in virtually every situation.

Also, while every light we sell comes with a bulb, we do offer additional bulbs that can be purchased with your lights or at a later date when replacements are needed.  And as always, if you have any questions about your exhibit lighting needs please feel free to contact us at 877.663.3976 or


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Power Supply at Trade Shows

Imagine the logistical nightmare when over 1,000 exhibitors need access to electricity on the trade show floor. Many exhibitors have had their entire experience at a trade show ruined by power problems that could have been avoided.

The first thing you can do to avoid power problems at your trade show is to check with the show organizers to find out what you’ll need to bring. Many show coordinators will specify how far away your power supply will be from your exhibiting area, and you will need to have an extension cord long enough to bring power to your trade show booth. Failure to bring this could result in a poorly lit booth with no media presentation or sound equipment, which would be a disaster for many companies.

Always bring backup parts in case they are needed. As a general rule, I would always bring a 50ft extension cord, a grounding adapter (changes a two-pronged plug into a three-pronged), extra light bulbs for your trade show lighting, and any other extras that you can imagine needing to replace at the last second.

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Trade Show Lighting

Posted by Andy Keeler on January 13, 2008
Exhibiting Strategy / No Comments

When exhibiting at a trade show, you are essentially creating an environment to attract and meet potential clients. The trade show lighting you choose will play an important role in creating that environment. Your lights need to be bright enough to attract visitors to your booth, but not so harsh that your visitors feel uncomfortable when they arrive. It can be difficult to strike this delicate balance, but a properly lit trade show booth space is much more likely to generate positive ROI for your company.

Because your trade show booth acts much like a mobile showroom, lighting your trade show display is a lot like lighting a showroom space. Lights need to be strategically placed and directed to highlight specific parts of your display and hide other parts. You want to place the majority of your emphasis on making your company’s brand and logo memorable, but you may also choose to highlight specific products or prototypes.

There are countless lighting options available to enhance your trade show marketing campaign. LightCraft is the foremost manufacturer of trade show lighting in the United States, and Lumina lights are the most popular choice among exhibitors looking to illuminate banner stands or tabletop displays. In addition to typical lighting solutions, many of our trade show displays come with built-in lighting options. The Exhibit One line of displays come with a canopy that contains recessed lighting. We also offer light boxes for trade shows, and backlit popup towers. Creative lighting choices help to ensure that your trade show display stands out at the next convention.

If you need advice setting up your trade show lighting, please give us a call. Our trade show marketing specialists are able to help you determine your lighting needs and create a solution that works well for you. Call MODdisplays toll free at 1.877.MOD.EXPO (1.877.663.3976), or e-mail

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